Hurricanes-Infomation Report


This Information report is going to be about Hurricanes and they are very fascinating nature disasters and they form over oceans and can cause lots of grief to people that are affected.

What are Hurricanes?
A Hurricane is a swirling group of clouds that spins around a calm centre called the eye. Hurricanes are the largest and most powerful storm in the WORLD. A Hurricane can have winds reach up to speeds of a formula one racing car. A Hurricane can also hold the same amount of water as a large dam.
Where do Hurricanes form?
All Hurricanes form over oceans and there are only three oceans that they form over. Hurricanes are also known as Typhoons or cyclones. Hurricanes form in the Atlantic Ocean, Typhoons form over the North and South pacific Ocean and Cyclones form over the Indian Ocean. Hurricanes come from the word Huracan, the name given to the West Indian god of storms.
Damage caused by Hurricanes!
During Hurricane Camile the storm surge flushed Alligators and hundreds of poisonous snakes out of creeks and swamps. More than 40 people died from snake bites. Also during Hurricane Hugo the hurricane cut a island in two and swept a fishing boat eight kilometres inland and leaving it in a forest. In 1991 a cyclone flooded the country of Bangladesh, near India. More than 140,000 people drowned and 5,000 fishermen didn’t return from sea that day, one and a half million houses were washed away.
The spinning movement of the earth makes the storm clouds and the winds spin in the same direction. In the Northern Hemisphere Hurricanes and typhoons spin in a anticlockwise direction while in the Southern Hemisphere Hurricanes and typhoons spin in a clockwise direction. Although the spiralling winds inside a Hurricane can reach incredible speeds the Hurricane itself moves quite slowly across the ocean. Its top speed is 50 kilometres per hour. Did you know that if the earth stopped moving the Oceans would fly off in to space!

Poem on random things!

I love eating food
Because I’m a cool dude
My mum sewed
Her own food

I’m really tall
So is my doll
And I got her from a bowl
And then threw her into a pole

I want to
Make some goo
And I really wish i could moo
Like redfoo

Im a party rocker
when I punch a locker
of a fremantle docker
and my fists gets a big shocker

I love to buy
and say hi
while dancing to psy
before I die

Im fat
like a cat
that spat
on a mat

I love farts
that are as sharp as darts
when I buy them at the marts
because Im so smart

Home or Away

Roses were Red
Violence is Blue
Untill something happend
Something very terribe
A war began!

We were down to little food
We were getting skinnier as the days went on
We were eating dead animals off the street
Until a new opportunity popped up
It sounded good at the start but it would end up being terribe

We are swaying side to side
My brother isn’t moving
My sister isn’t talking
My dad got killed and thrown overboard
Then we got thrown into a detention centre

How bad can life be?
My brother thinks we are criminals cause were are behind a fence
Then my mum passes away
My life is as black as a black hole
Then my brother gets put into a psychiatric center for stabbing himself

How bad can life get?
You do nothing and you get dumped into hell
What did we do wrong?
Asylm seekers are not criminals
We are not looking at your country because you have good beaches…..
We are looking for compasion and safety away from certain death in our country

Start and Stop Poems

While it ranis
I stare out the window wondering when it will stop
I play my ipod hoping the rain will go away
I watch TV listening to the piter pater on the tin roof
I play Mincraft on the computer while the rain gets heavier
While it rains.

Homework [Challenge 10]

1. Surf Photographer because I would like to travel the world taking photos of surfing.
2. Surf Magazine editer so I could look at surfing all day and read about it.
3. At a Surf shop like Quiksliver so I could sell surfboards and wetsuits all day.
4. A runner for Essendon because I could watch all there games and be on the ground helping them out.
5. A judge on the surfing world tour so I can watch surfing all day.
6. A Jouralist so I could travel the world seeing new places and speaking new launages.
7. A flight attendit so I could fly all over the world.
8. A Zoo keeper so I could look after all different animals.
9. Movie director so I could make movies and make a lot of money.
10. A Landscaper so I can build creative gardens for other people.

Traveling To A Different Country

When I grow up I want to travel the world and surf. When I look at all the surfing mags and see all these different surf spots I just dream of setting up a tent and watching wave after wave with a beatuful sunset. Surf is my passion and I love a adventure so it makes sense that when I grow up I wont to be a world-wide surf travler.


We get there and the boat is rocking from the first set coming through my heart is in my throat. I’m shivering all over. I can feel the adrenaline shooting through my body. After I took a deep breath I know there is going to be some heavy barrels going down. Whoops I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Dylan and that is my friend Cole and we are both great surfers. We’ve come down to Indonesia because when we have surfed, it was small. Now it is 20 foot and barrelling. We are just waiting for the tide to go lower so then we will get bigger, deeper and longer barrels. Cole told me that low tide is in one hour so we are going to have some lunch. Low tide is really soon so we are going to have a crack at the stand up pits.


We have been out for half an hour and have been dodging the big ones and the rest of the time we have been too scared to catch any.  When I saw a big set approaching  I think to myself I need to man up  and catch one. So I paddle over a small one to see the one I was waiting for. I have to go because my life depends on it. I started paddling then I started kicking then I started doing them as hard as I can. Then I feel the wave pick me up and I know what I have to do. I stand up and pulled in and dug my nose and get sucked over the falls. I get pounded across the shallow reef. I came up after a heavy beating and see Cole do  exactly the same thing. We come up right next to each other. We get back out the back and I say ‘’we need to man up and just go ok’’. Another set comes through. The horizon goes black and I know what I have to do. I just have to man up and go. I float over a bump and see a massive one. I scramble out so I can go. I’m paddling my hardest, then I quickly turn around and with no fear I go. I pull in and get a 10 second pit on one of the biggest waves and then come flying out of it. I am the happiest man ever right now. Then I see Cole taking off on a smaller one still big and he gets slotted as well. After that we are on fire. We catch wave after wave and then there is a pack of people coming out and it gets too busy so we decided to call it a day. We are so happy we got to surf this wave. Now we are on the plane back to Australia and all we can talk about is our waves and wipe outs.


The End


Jennie Baker

Jennie Baker was born in Craydon, England on november 2 1950. She grew up the eldest of six and as a child she loved to draw paint and make stuff. She attempted art collage at brighton polytechnic before emirgarating to Australia. She is a artist,author and flim maker and now she is a mulit-award winning author and Illustarter. She lived with her  partner, Australian architect David Blackwell until he deid in 2012. She has directed several short flims based on her stories and her reconisable style is well known for different and out there stories. I like Jennie Baker because she is a great Illustrater and it is smart the way she presents her stories and they are never the same, and the pictures go so well with her text in all of her books.

Maths Homework

          Entree: Nachos 


     Cheese $4.oo

    Corn chips $2.50

   Sour Cream $2.00

Total price: $8.50


Main Course: Tacos


400g of Mince Meat $5.00

Taco Shells $4.oo

Seasoning $1.50

Cheese $4.00

Lettuce $1.50

Tomatoes $1.50

Sour Cream$1.50

Total Price: $19.50


Desert: Ice cream and sprinkles 


Ice Cream $5.00

Sprinkles 20c

Total Price:$5.20  

Drink: Lemonade $4.00

Grand total: 36.20 

If I had $100 dollars to spend I would have $63.80 left over.

Student Blogging Challenge

Student Blogging Challenge

1. Kelly Slater

Do you like being bald?

2. Julian Wilson

When was your favorite moment in your surfing career?

3. Gaberial Mendina

Why do you always cry at surf comps?

4. Gary Abblert

Did you used to train with your dad before you came a footballer?

5. Robbie Maddison 

What went through your mind when you aired into the grand canyon?

6. Barrack Obama

How is it living in the white house and what is the hardest thing about  being a President?

7. Darren Handley

How long do you spend shaping boards a day?

8. Neil Armstong

Where you scared when you went to the moon ?

9.  Micheal jakson

What happend to your nose because you look like voldermolt.

10. Katy Perry

Where is your favorite place to peform?