Home or Away

Roses were Red
Violence is Blue
Untill something happend
Something very terribe
A war began!

We were down to little food
We were getting skinnier as the days went on
We were eating dead animals off the street
Until a new opportunity popped up
It sounded good at the start but it would end up being terribe

We are swaying side to side
My brother isn’t moving
My sister isn’t talking
My dad got killed and thrown overboard
Then we got thrown into a detention centre

How bad can life be?
My brother thinks we are criminals cause were are behind a fence
Then my mum passes away
My life is as black as a black hole
Then my brother gets put into a psychiatric center for stabbing himself

How bad can life get?
You do nothing and you get dumped into hell
What did we do wrong?
Asylm seekers are not criminals
We are not looking at your country because you have good beaches…..
We are looking for compasion and safety away from certain death in our country

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